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What would you do?

You’re a genius. You are so smart you went to college at the advanced age of 13, and graduated with a degree in chem at 18.

What would you do? Of course, you’d join the Marine Corps.

Astonishing as it is, this happened: Marine Corps Moms: Military Intelligence

Read the article to find out why he didn’t pursue a commission, and other interesting facts. This young man is exceptional, in the real definition of an overused word.

Armed Forces Day (Yesterday)

DefenseLINK – Armed Forces Day

Phooey. I know it was Armed Forces Day yesterday (Saturday), and I didn’t post anything. Shame on me.

The above link has a picutre of a very nice poster for Armed Forces Day, 2004, along with an explanation of the history. Since the link is for the front page, and that’ll change soon, I’ll put a screen capture of the page in the “continued” section.
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