Email address encoding

If you don’t have a blog, you can skip this, or read it because you’re as bored as me.

Automatic Enkoder

This is a terrific free tool that encodes your blog email address with a javascript tool, hopefully keeping your email address from becoming spam central (too late for me, I’m just mitigating damage now). I don’t know about you, but I’m getting about 15 – 30 spams a day, and that doesn’t count those scrubbed at the server level.

I only steal from the best, and this one was lifted from InstaPundit, so you know it’s good.

Update: edited for grammar.

Mold, no.

When you bring in your loved one, 10 days after brain surgery, toxic mold is less likely an explanation for altered mental status and ataxia than brian edema and electrolyte abnormality.

In their defense, they did read about the mold on the internet (Root of All Evil &#174).

Bush pauses to comfort teen

Bush pauses to comfort teen

Terrific photo of an exceptional moment.


A blog by an emergency physician who has turned to the dark side (i.e, law). He rates special mention not only because he comments in my blog, but because we graduated from the same ED residency, though a few years removed.

Swing around and check him out!

Nailgun xray

BBC NEWS | Health | Builder survives nailgun accident
You have to see the original article, with the atsounding xray. He has survived so far.

The story is also just a little fishy, as he’s supposed to have shot himself with a nailgun 6 times, 4 from directly behind. Even Inspector Clouseau might have trouble with that.

via Black Triangle

I’m Officially Old

I’m getting old. I figure everyone has their own event in their lives when this realization hits them. I don’t mean old like I’m going to die this week, just that my impetuous youth is now gone.

My wakeup call is that I just passed on downloading the latest beta for my web browser (Opera). It’s not because I don’t really like Opera (I do), it’s just that I looked at it and said to myself “I don’t need the aggrivation”.

I’m old. I want stable releases that someone else has debugged (I have never debugged anything, but you know what I mean).

I guess next is long term care insurance.

Doc Shazam under the knife

Mr. Hassle’s Long Underpants
Doc Shazam, whom I link to and read routinely, is going to have back surgery soon. If you have a moment, you might swing over and wish her good luck and an uneventful recovery.

Update: she’s postop, and doing well!