This is wrong

I have written before about my coffee drinking problem. A couple of days ago, I went to the breakroom, and saw this:


This is just plain wrong. For those who need it spelled out:
the coffee pot is empty!
the brewing basket is not just not ready to brew, it is actually empty (i.e., someone emptied it out but didn’t refill it)!

I took this photo to help non-coffee drinkers understand, so that perhaps others will not be scarred, as I was.


  1. (shrieks in horror)

  2. Doc,

    I’m trying to figure out if you are related to

    just kidding, it must be a doctor thing?

  3. take a deep breath. step slowly away from this area. repeat after me,

    “I admit I am powerless over caffeine–my life has become unmanageable.”–now, come, sit…

    oh crap, no, it’s an AA meeting and they have official coffee preparers. Never mind.

  4. You need to convince your hospital to acquire one of these:

    The coffee is always fresh brewed when you want it, the coffee is DAMN GOOD, you can pick whatever type you want, you never have to worry about brewing a new pot or cleaning a glass one, those freakish tea drinkers can use it too, and it’s ridiculously cool and fun to use. No really, it’s so fun to use–you just put this little packet in, push a button, and voila! steaming hot coffee in your cup. You don’t even have to throw the packet away, it does it for you. They make ones that hook up directly to a water supply source too, so you never even have to fill the water tank.

    Once you go flavia you’ll never go back. I should drop out of med school and work for this company–I think I believe in their work more than they do.

  5. Dear Murphy – you should make a NSFW notation about pictures like that.

    Now I’m scarred, too.

  6. I can hear Taps somewhere in the distance…

  7. Heh, I didn’t drink coffee until my Intership. Now I can’t live without it.