“Would You Mind

leaving the room”? asked a patient the other evening.

“Uh, why”? asked I.

“Because I need to pass gas” said the patient.

We left the room.

I cannot make this stuff up. And, we didn’t go back for a while.


  1. Huh. Kinda classy of that patient.

  2. Very funny! I love your blog, btw. I’m experiencing a particularly strange medical ‘condition’, which I discuss on my blog, and would love to know whether I should be worried about what it means.

    My son is an Air Force PJ (Pararescueman) and loves the medical part of his job. He’s had the opportunity to rescue and treat a lot of very interesting cases while in Afghanistan, and is fully recovered now from being shot in the head while on a classified mission there. The damage an AK47 bullet can do to a young man’s face, and head, when it explodes through his face and exits out the back of his head, is just unreal. He’s fully operational again, once again serving proudly and still the adrenaline junkie, loving what he does.

    Hope you can offer some advice about my recent, um, medical problem, mentioned on my blog.

  3. Just found your blog. Funny. Very polite and sensitive patient, that one.