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A Homeless Veteran of the Cold War

To be specific, the last B-36 Peacemaker built, right here in Fort Worth by the late Consolidated Aircraft Company. The “City of Fort Worth” was the last, and it has had a long and interesting life looking for a new home.

In the sidebar of this blog is a link to one of the groups trying to find a permanent, fitting home for this biggest of the cold warriors. A tour of their site will give you a feel for how much time and effort has been expended trying to get this big bomber a permanent home.

The B-36 holds a special place in my heart, as my dad spent the majority of his Air Force enlistment as the starboard scanner (gunner) in one, and I have fond memories of going through his squadron yearbooks with him, describing the life and times of the AF gunner.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has an article this week about the groups trying to find a good home for the old girl, and their failures to date. Many thanks to Lockheed for giving The City of Fort Worth a good face lift, but then they got a paying gig making F-35’s, so the bomber is back outside.

I’m going to put the whole article in the extended entry as the Star-Telegram doesn’t archive well.
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