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Bush parachutes for 80th birthday – Bush parachutes for 80th birthday – Jun 13, 2004

Given that my interactions with those in their 80’s is usually very bad (octogenarians don’t come to the ER for laughs), I’m very happy that Mr. Bush has the health and willpower (and connections) to do this. His message is good, too: don’t just sit there, do something!

The video from CNN is also very nice.

Graduation Day

My son Bob graduates from UCLA at the end of the week, and we’re using the opportunity to introduce my grandson (about 4 1/2) to the Wonders of Disneyland.

Bob’s degree is in Philosophy. I have nothing against philosophy, and think that it’s a good choice for him, given his advanced degree choice, Law. He’s gotten into a good (he tells us) law school, so things are working out.

However, his degree amuses me. What is the application for that degree? For me, it’s an invitation to humor.
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