My Reagan Memories

Others have said it better, and I am not maudlin enough to try to express how I feel about his Presidency, and his passing. I do, however, remember where I was when he was shot.

I was a senior in High School, and my government class (lead by the same government teacher who would later perform my marriage) went to Federal Court to ‘see how government works’. The case was modestly interesting: the Govt. wanted to take all the loot from a salvaged ship, after a private company had done all the work to find it and bring it up. I digress.

We were in court for about 2 hours when the Federal Marshall started going to the Judge every 3 minutes or so. After the third such visit, he said “President Reagan has been shot. As the Order of Succession includes Federal Judges, I have to leave now”. And he did! Court is adjourned, and we went back to class.

I have read so many good tributes to the man, I just want to second them all. I’d be glad to be half the man he was, someday.


  1. Yeah, I’d like to second them all and yours along with them.