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So, that’s what happens…

when a digit is stuck into a nut, then the impact wrench that was driving the nut gets triggered. Ouch.


This digit belongs to one of our techs, and he describes it very much that way. (I didn’t do the repair, BTW). Looking closely, thread marks can be seen on the skin. He has some lacerations to the remaining digit, but it’s looking very good otherwise.

Hospital Food – Hospital cuisine going gourmet – Jun 2, 2004

A nice article about one of those intermittent episodes wherein hospitals discover patients need to eat, and want to eat something other than rubber chicken and jello. (These efforts come out every once in a while, and seem to die, probably due to budget cuts).

This reminded me of these hospital box lunches I saw last month, which made me wonder if Atkins is a dinner selection:
Atkins Box Lunch?

A Homeless Veteran of the Cold War

To be specific, the last B-36 Peacemaker built, right here in Fort Worth by the late Consolidated Aircraft Company. The “City of Fort Worth” was the last, and it has had a long and interesting life looking for a new home.

In the sidebar of this blog is a link to one of the groups trying to find a permanent, fitting home for this biggest of the cold warriors. A tour of their site will give you a feel for how much time and effort has been expended trying to get this big bomber a permanent home.

The B-36 holds a special place in my heart, as my dad spent the majority of his Air Force enlistment as the starboard scanner (gunner) in one, and I have fond memories of going through his squadron yearbooks with him, describing the life and times of the AF gunner.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has an article this week about the groups trying to find a good home for the old girl, and their failures to date. Many thanks to Lockheed for giving The City of Fort Worth a good face lift, but then they got a paying gig making F-35’s, so the bomber is back outside.

I’m going to put the whole article in the extended entry as the Star-Telegram doesn’t archive well.
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Baby Jessica, High School Grad

From MyWestTexas comes the report that, with no fanfare, Jessica McClure graduated from Greenwood High School.

There were no television crews on hand to capture the event. There were no screaming throngs of well-wishers gathered to watch McClure march onto the floor of Midland College’s Chaparral Center Friday evening, her brown hair flowing from beneath a baby blue mortar board, a Gerber daisy clutched in her hands.

When she crossed the stage to shake hands with Greenwood Independent School District board of trustees President Price Robinson a little later, there was little to set McClure apart from the 112 robed GHS seniors receiving a diploma that night.

And that may be appropriate.

The article points out that the family has deliberately shunned publicity, and that the former Baby Jessica has no memory of the event, which is a blessing.

Many congratulations to her.