Vacation / Best Of

My gift to you is that I’m taking a vacation, so all those wasted hours refreshing to see if I’ve posted yet can be used to a more productive purpose, but only for a week. I’ll be back early next week.

My amends for my absence is that I’ve gone through the archives and have linked some of the ‘better’ stuff you may have missed / forgotten. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and this is my chance / excuse.

In reverse calendar order:
Why GruntDoc?
Consults and Pain
my DSL Horror Story
LCPL Anthony Sledd, USMC
Bird Strike
Organ Donation
Ladies Save C-5
Go to the ER
Who makes the ED run? The Secretaries
Liberia Marine Malaria: Inexcusable
Stanford sets new policy for med students
Liberian Marine Malaria Results
The Twelve Sexual Diseases of Christmas
My favorite Dilbert cartoon
Word to the Wise
So, you want the Navy to pay for your Med School
New Feature: Guess the Diagnosis

Back next week, see you then!