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Life goes on

Summer is typically busy here. Funny how we have very little in the way of a ‘set schedule’ during the summer months, yet stay so busy.

My next household project is fixing the 1″ broken pipe for the front yard sprinkler system. There’s an elbow that was put in a bit shallowly, and the riding mower must’ve cracked it. I found this while wandering the yard, trying to figure out why it was browning, when I stepped into a nice area of bog in the yard. Aha!

I really like projects like these, and I’ll get to it as soon as the hole I dug dries enough to get to the pipes.

Wireless pics

Well, pictures of a dish are useless, so here’s some screen captures of the current connection, which is a big step up from the satellite connection I had.

good speeds and nice tight pings as well

What puts spots on the palms and soles?

“Rash” says the chart. “Great!”, think I, a reasonably straightforward case to end my shift.

I’m a hand-shaker of a doctor, and though I consider the case, generally I’ll shake everyones’ hand, ungloved. This is one of those times I probably should have looked before I shook.  Spots.  On the feet, too.

Yes, he’s got a healing, nearly painless lesion the size of a quarter on his member. Yes, it’s contagious this way, and yes, I washed my hands very thoroughly.

Oh, it’s secondary syphillis, for those who wondered.

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RIP Dr. Crick – Francis Crick, DNA co-discoverer, dies – Jul 29, 2004

Watson and Crick are two names that are paired and inseparable in my mind (like Fred and Ginger, or Frank and Sammy, but more technical, and with a lot more gravitas).

The discovery of DNA won him 1/3 of a Nobel prize (I guess they’re really expensive). I’ve never heard of the third co-winner.

Discovering the structure, then the function of DNA has opened many doors in science and medicine, and for that we owe a debt of gratitude.

It’s one of the ironies of life that he died of colon cancer, where the DNA loses focus and takes off on its own program, eventually killing its host.


I hosted a little party last night, mostly for the scribes who work with us in the ED.  Scribes help the docs in the department get more done in the same amount of time, and there are some other less tangible benefits.  Our scribes have their own website, if you’re interested in knowing more.

Anyway, we had a ‘casino night’, with real tables and dealers, and had a great time (play money, no actual gambling).  I started learning how to play craps, and that table is where I spent most of my night.  We had one shooter who held the dice for an hour and 50 minutes, a record for our dealer (or whatever the craps person-in-charge is called).  She got a gift certificate for a free room in a Las Vegas casino!

A good time was had by all, and there are photos below the break.

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Nailgun accident. And, this patient had the best excuse for not getting a visual acuity with an eye injury: the nail literally had his lid ‘nailed shut’. Off to the OR.

owee AP owee lat

CT views below the break.
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It’s here, and it is terrific. Pics to follow.


This is the funniest thing I’ve seen since, oh Rock Paper Saddam. It’s about 3.7MB of downloaded animation, and it had me laughing.


via Dogtulosba, who just graduated from Army Combat Engineering school (congrats!).


I have sat home all day, awaiting the wireless installers’ arrival.

No call, no show.

Then at 4:42PM, the call: “We’re behind, but we’re coming now, if that’s ok?” Yes, it’s OK. All is forgiven, I think, if you can just make the thing work. Update later!

Update: Arrived at 6:45 with a dish that reminded me of the photos of the DEW line. A big antenna. It’s mounted, but there’s more wiring to be done. They’re coming back in the morning to finish. There’s a smaller antenna, but it’s more expensive, they tell me. The first priority is to make the service work; if it works, we’ll talk about a cool antenna.

Welcome Silicon Investors

Perusing the referral logs, I found that there are a couple of readers on the Silicon Investors board. Welcome, and thanks for coming to look.

For my 4 regular readers, I’m debating whether to write about my recent and ugly dealings with medical malpractice, the legal profession, and angst.

I cannot decide, so I’m just sitting here, day after day. One side of me says to talk it out and then get over it, and one side says it’s personal, as are all insults.

Today’s distraction? Wireless should arrive today, so I can continue posting nothing, but much, much faster.

Interesting antiterrorism idea

The author has hit upon a brilliant idea that could dissuade terrorists on aircraft, and at the same time raise the level of civility in our society.
Althouse: Change the federal marshals’ dress code?

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DVI splitter update

In case you’ve been holding your breath, I have discovered why there isn’t a DVI splitter that I need: my video card won’t do that. Crud.

I have a card that will do dual DVI on order. Sorry for the distraction.

Cake pan, before and after

From one of the Aunts:

Upon a 6pm return from a quick but GREAT trip to Brownsville for Uncle Barney’s 99th Birthday Celebration, I put together a cake for a Ladies Bible Class luncheon the next day. Experimenting with flavors I like, the cake was German chocolate, chocolate chips were layered on top after baking and spread when melted, then Cream Cheese frosting spread over that layer.
To my surprise, the plan was to Eat Out, not bring covered dishes. We decided we’d try to smuggle the cake into Luby’s. About 5 minutes away from the church building, I discovered the cake was NOT in the car. Quickly retracing the miles, I discovered it at the first corner turned. Yes, the sturdy pan, carefully set on top of the car while putting other items inside, was now just “aluminum foil” and the cake just a chocolate ‘slick’.
None of the ladies had selected a desert from the food line, but they were gracious to me and thanked me for saving them from those unneeded calories.
Ron dared into the traffic the next evening when we went for church to retrieve the carcases of the pan and the lid. They will go into the recycle bag with aluminum cans for the benefit of Polish missions!

Pic in the extended entry.
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Wireless update, and other updates

A day late, the wireless site visit went off without a hitch. Now apparently there’s some ciphering to do, as they need to determine my exact distance from their building so they know what antenna to bring out. This is all good news, as the fellow spent about a second on the roof and said, “yeah, we can see our building easily from here”. I’d have hugged him, but then we’d have fallen off the roof. No good.

The posting paucity boils down to too many shifts followed by relatives in town, which has been terrific. I got to put in a garage door opener for my mom-in-law (for some weird reason I really enjoy installing garage door openers: I’ve done it in my last 4 houses), so my afternoon in the sweltering Fort Worth heat was well spent. Pool time later at the in-laws’ place, and that was fun, too.

So, that’s my lame excuse for why nothing’s happening on the site. That’ll change.

Tonight’s ED awards

Two are given tonight, the luckiest in a bad situation (LABS), and the dumbest aquatic act this summer (DAAtS).

LABS: adult male, who was getting ‘on his face’ at gunpoint, when the criminal actually shot him. An in and out wound of the skin of the shoulder (just like in the movies, no muscle involved), and a bullet wound between his eyes from the ricochet of the round off the ground. I took the flattened little chunk of metal out of his forehead and handed it to the nice officer taking pictures. The victim/patient had no other injuries and went home. I think he got tired of me telling him how lucky he was.

DAAtS: young and dumb, several times the legal alcohol limit, on a jet ski at 1 AM: what could possibly go wrong? Well, the dock is hard to see, it seems, and he hit it at speed.

He had the proverbial sucking chest wound, and had his life saved by some EMT’s and this cool thing, which I didn’t know existed (it’s an adhesive dressing and a Heimlich valve in one combination; terrific gadget). I could see his lung under the dressing, and that’s bad, because that means some chest wall is missing. It’s probably still on the dock. He’ll most likely be fine, but he’s going to hurt for a few days.

I have the best job in the world.

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