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Cake pan, before and after

From one of the Aunts:

Upon a 6pm return from a quick but GREAT trip to Brownsville for Uncle Barney’s 99th Birthday Celebration, I put together a cake for a Ladies Bible Class luncheon the next day. Experimenting with flavors I like, the cake was German chocolate, chocolate chips were layered on top after baking and spread when melted, then Cream Cheese frosting spread over that layer.
To my surprise, the plan was to Eat Out, not bring covered dishes. We decided we’d try to smuggle the cake into Luby’s. About 5 minutes away from the church building, I discovered the cake was NOT in the car. Quickly retracing the miles, I discovered it at the first corner turned. Yes, the sturdy pan, carefully set on top of the car while putting other items inside, was now just “aluminum foil” and the cake just a chocolate ‘slick’.
None of the ladies had selected a desert from the food line, but they were gracious to me and thanked me for saving them from those unneeded calories.
Ron dared into the traffic the next evening when we went for church to retrieve the carcases of the pan and the lid. They will go into the recycle bag with aluminum cans for the benefit of Polish missions!

Pic in the extended entry.
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Wireless update, and other updates

A day late, the wireless site visit went off without a hitch. Now apparently there’s some ciphering to do, as they need to determine my exact distance from their building so they know what antenna to bring out. This is all good news, as the fellow spent about a second on the roof and said, “yeah, we can see our building easily from here”. I’d have hugged him, but then we’d have fallen off the roof. No good.

The posting paucity boils down to too many shifts followed by relatives in town, which has been terrific. I got to put in a garage door opener for my mom-in-law (for some weird reason I really enjoy installing garage door openers: I’ve done it in my last 4 houses), so my afternoon in the sweltering Fort Worth heat was well spent. Pool time later at the in-laws’ place, and that was fun, too.

So, that’s my lame excuse for why nothing’s happening on the site. That’ll change.