Archives for July 21, 2004


I have sat home all day, awaiting the wireless installers’ arrival.

No call, no show.

Then at 4:42PM, the call: “We’re behind, but we’re coming now, if that’s ok?” Yes, it’s OK. All is forgiven, I think, if you can just make the thing work. Update later!

Update: Arrived at 6:45 with a dish that reminded me of the photos of the DEW line. A big antenna. It’s mounted, but there’s more wiring to be done. They’re coming back in the morning to finish. There’s a smaller antenna, but it’s more expensive, they tell me. The first priority is to make the service work; if it works, we’ll talk about a cool antenna.

Welcome Silicon Investors

Perusing the referral logs, I found that there are a couple of readers on the Silicon Investors board. Welcome, and thanks for coming to look.

For my 4 regular readers, I’m debating whether to write about my recent and ugly dealings with medical malpractice, the legal profession, and angst.

I cannot decide, so I’m just sitting here, day after day. One side of me says to talk it out and then get over it, and one side says it’s personal, as are all insults.

Today’s distraction? Wireless should arrive today, so I can continue posting nothing, but much, much faster.