Archives for July 30, 2004

Life goes on

Summer is typically busy here. Funny how we have very little in the way of a ‘set schedule’ during the summer months, yet stay so busy.

My next household project is fixing the 1″ broken pipe for the front yard sprinkler system. There’s an elbow that was put in a bit shallowly, and the riding mower must’ve cracked it. I found this while wandering the yard, trying to figure out why it was browning, when I stepped into a nice area of bog in the yard. Aha!

I really like projects like these, and I’ll get to it as soon as the hole I dug dries enough to get to the pipes.

Wireless pics

Well, pictures of a dish are useless, so here’s some screen captures of the current connection, which is a big step up from the satellite connection I had.

good speeds and nice tight pings as well