This is the funniest thing I’ve seen since, oh Rock Paper Saddam. It’s about 3.7MB of downloaded animation, and it had me laughing.


via Dogtulosba, who just graduated from Army Combat Engineering school (congrats!).


  1. Aunt Susie says:

    Peter Jennings named the JibJab guys as “The Person Of The Week” on Friday’s ABC News at 5:30pm. MANY are enjoying their Our Land piece. One historian wants a copy of it to include with all this year’s election info.
    How neat that I got to see it before most of the US learned about it. (Although they’ve 80,000 hits already – overloading their equipment.) Thanks, Grunt Doc

  2. NBC had its own jibjab story tonight (Brokaw, 5:30 News), four days behind ABC.

    I wasn’t paying much attention, but thought I heard that jibjab is in trouble for copyright violations.

    Ah yes, music IS copyrighted, and the recording industry is litigious.

  3. damn… had to stop by and drop a line. Home on leave and just thought I’d check up on everyone before I actually post something worth anything. But hey, leave is all about sitting on that ass.