I hosted a little party last night, mostly for the scribes who work with us in the ED.  Scribes help the docs in the department get more done in the same amount of time, and there are some other less tangible benefits.  Our scribes have their own website, if you’re interested in knowing more.

Anyway, we had a ‘casino night’, with real tables and dealers, and had a great time (play money, no actual gambling).  I started learning how to play craps, and that table is where I spent most of my night.  We had one shooter who held the dice for an hour and 50 minutes, a record for our dealer (or whatever the craps person-in-charge is called).  She got a gift certificate for a free room in a Las Vegas casino!

A good time was had by all, and there are photos below the break.

happy partygoers  high roller in the middle


  1. OFF-TOPIC (since I can’t initiate a new topic):

    I was just wondering if anyone would ever come into the ER with the symptoms of Merot’s Syndrome. Could the ER staff keep a straight face? Worse yet, what would a MedStar radio report sound like, if the patient were being brought in by ambulance?

    Truth or Hoax?? It’s strange that the ONLY Google hit on “Merot’s Syndrome” is the URL above.

    (I found that link from a posting on Silicon Investor.)

  2. GruntDoc says:

    1. “Weekly World News”.
    2. If the only Google hit is WWNews, doubt more.
    3. Snopes has no information.
    4. A medline search / MDconsult search didn’t find anything named Merot, other than basic science researchers.
    5. It makes NO sense that breast tissue will rapidly disappear, and even less that there’s a bacteria that eats breast fat but not other fat. We could use the reverse bacteria, however.

  3. Not only all that, but, combine it with the “other” headlines on the site ( you found this at and its pretty easy to conclude it’s a hoax..

    1. Dick Clark and cockroaches would survive nuclear blast

    2. Aliens using E-mail to seduce “earth” women

    3. Bush using voodoo to K.O. Kerry

    4. How to become a pimp on 10 days

  4. Agreed!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi, first time, nice blog. Just pointing out an teeny typo: you were an EM Resident iN Fresno.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. That is so awesome there is a scribe website, I am so proud!