Welcome Silicon Investors

Perusing the referral logs, I found that there are a couple of readers on the Silicon Investors board. Welcome, and thanks for coming to look.

For my 4 regular readers, I’m debating whether to write about my recent and ugly dealings with medical malpractice, the legal profession, and angst.

I cannot decide, so I’m just sitting here, day after day. One side of me says to talk it out and then get over it, and one side says it’s personal, as are all insults.

Today’s distraction? Wireless should arrive today, so I can continue posting nothing, but much, much faster.


  1. Oh..malpractice…

    ..do tell.

    (One of your regular readers)

  2. Aunt Pam says:

    Oh, my! … malpractice? legal probs? I’d “heard” those were the bug-a-boos of medicine. Kind of like my constant bombardment of administration and parents at school! We both have “lives” in our hands in one way or another. If you want to “talk”, you know my e-mail and phone#. Letting it simmer will only cause more frustrations! Take my word from 29 years TEACHING experience! Hang in there!

  3. Sine Nomine says:

    I am sure you have > 4 regular readers!

    Please give us the short version without any

    incriminating details. It will make you feel a little


    Thanks for the great weblog!!

  4. AuntSusie says:

    Here’s #4 posting in!
    By the way, the weird Desktop problem with your blog covering up the grandchildren – – – I ‘dinked’ a bit, and it’s gone! But now I have to actually search for your page!
    Don’t let ‘legal’ stuff eat you up. Consider the source.

  5. After her second “discovery” torture session about an OB/GYN doc?s mistake (8 hours in total) my wife, an L&D delivery room nurse, quit nursing after over 30 years and has never returned.

    This was a woman who could never remember a time when she didn?t want to be a nurse and borrowed money from eight different relatives in order to attend nursing school (and paid it all back with prevailing interest rates!)

    Without being too melodramatic, something really wonderful in her was dimmed and I suspect I?ll never see it return.


  6. i am one of your readers. Talk on dude!!

  7. My suggestion:

    Write it, but don’t post it.
    Force yourself to wait one month before posting…and only then see if you still want to post it.

    The writing will be cathartic. The posting of it might not be.

  8. mitchell says:

    also a regular…

    follow richard’s advice. Hope you decide to post it, nice to hear a more personal account than those of the MedRants variety.

    nice to see that dr. winters is at least posting somewhere

  9. GruntDoc says:

    Wow, thanks for the support, folks. This was so earthmoving even Rick Winters commented!

    I want to write about this in an evenhanded way, but there was nothing evenhanded about anything in the entire process.

    I’m still mulling. Thanks, again.

  10. Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you… lol

  11. Lets hear the med mal stuff. Help me understand. Waiting a month will most likely result in you not telling us how you really feel. This is a big issue and your opinion is valuable.