I have sat home all day, awaiting the wireless installers’ arrival.

No call, no show.

Then at 4:42PM, the call: “We’re behind, but we’re coming now, if that’s ok?” Yes, it’s OK. All is forgiven, I think, if you can just make the thing work. Update later!

Update: Arrived at 6:45 with a dish that reminded me of the photos of the DEW line. A big antenna. It’s mounted, but there’s more wiring to be done. They’re coming back in the morning to finish. There’s a smaller antenna, but it’s more expensive, they tell me. The first priority is to make the service work; if it works, we’ll talk about a cool antenna.


  1. Being that they are networking-type guys, they probably are set to GMT, which implies they thought you were behind the international we-can-get-to-him-a-day-late line.

    Good luck!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hehe. I like that explanation! It makes as much sense as anything else.

  3. Don’t feel bad. When we first got DSL, I had to take TWO days off for the install.

    They scheduled the first day and called us that morning to tell us they couldn’t make it and when they would be able to do it.


  4. SuperMom says:

    One more “hurry up and wait”! Hope all goes successfully, and that you can send your next message with no glitches.

  5. Wireless, or DSL? If it’s just a wireless system you’re trying to do, you can probably do it yourself.