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Homeland Security Failure?

The Onion | Local Sheriff Suspects Al-Qaeda Or Teens


hat tip to Richard[Winters]

Fort Worth has the most dangerous…

Just as I began working here, one of my colleagues related a truism to me:

“Fort Worth has the most dangerous spiders, porches and WalMarts in the world.” His observation has been borne out many times over.

Everyone in Fort Worth with a skin abscess (and there seem to be a whole lot of them) was ‘bitten by a spider’. Many were probably not bitten in the shower, if you catch my drift.

A terrific number of orthopedic injuries are caused by ‘falling off the porch’. I have no idea why our porches are so dangerous.

And I think I have seen everyone who has slipped and fallen at a WalMart for the last two years. I don’t see that many people who slip and fall at Target, or Sears, etc, just WalMart. I don’t know why, either.

So, there you are. While visiting Fort Worth, just avoid this dangerous triad, and enjoy your stay!