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Booming business in care for obese – Booming business in caring for obese – Aug 29, 2004

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (AP) — At St. Luke’s Hospital, each of the 14 new neurology intensive care rooms has a feature that’s becoming standard in the health care industry: a patient lift system that can handle 600 pounds.

When people weigh as much as livestock, it makes our jobs in medicine harder. There’s nothing like seeing 8 firefighters haul in a 500+ pound patient and turn her care over to the 110# nurse.

Later in the article, a silly argument appears:

“People would not be doing this if there wasn’t market share to be captured, but the reason there is a market share is that this population has been underserved,” said Walter Lindstrom, founding partner of the San Diego-based Obesity Law and Advocacy Center. “This isn’t just for bariatric surgery. Bariatric patients also need to get their gall bladders taken out or they get cancer.”

The statistics all say this segment of the population is growing exponentially (that’s a better pun than ‘they’ve been overserved, that’s why this has happened’). That there are a lot more manufacturers for this equipment means there’s money to pay for it, not out of some ‘recognition of underservice’.

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