Another PSA: Helmet Wear

In my series of Public Service Announcements, this is one that I feel strongly about: if you’re going to try assisted suicide motorcycle riding, please Wear A Helmet.

A visual reminder:
scarred but alive
This rider went home with scrapes and bruises, but he went home. And he didn’t have a head injury.

I cannot tell you how many tearful families have told me “…he has a helmet at home”. So, put it on.


  1. Aerospace Genius says:

    I work with several sport bike riders. All of them have gone down at least once in the last year, but were wearing helmets. The worst injury was a broken femur. Helmets are a perfect application of natural selection. To a lesser extent, so are road going motorcycles.

  2. Exactly, AG. Exactly.

  3. GruntDoc,

    It looks like you keep a digital camera with you at work. What kind is it?

  4. Doc Sanchez says:

    I took a swan dive off a motor cycle myself about 16 yrs. ago and a helmet saved my brain housing group. Bikers who refuse to wear them have issues related to a death wish and hating their mother and should turn in their two-wheelers for a Toyota Corolla.
    Great website, Doc. I was a Navy Corpsman back when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Probably chewed some of the same dirt. Semper Fi and God’s best to you.

    M. J. “Doc” Sanchez
    HM2 (FMF) USN