Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Marvalynn's Wedding, 1969?


  1. Linda Harrison says:

    Hi GruntDoc,
    Just visiting your web-sit for the first time. I saw your mom at church this morning. She gave me your e-mail address and told me to check it out. I remember this how ya’ll looked the first time I remember seeing you at Church. Gwen is a fine lady who does many good works. We are so very proud of her on her weight loss. She has been so commited. Hope her B-day is as “Special” as she is. (If you have her e-mail address could you please send this on to her) Happy Birthday Gwen!, I know your very proud of your boys and all that they have accomplished. Love to you all,
    Randy and Linda

  2. Fran Mulller says:

    Happy Birthday to your Mom, Gwen,
    I always think of her this time of year, but never seem to send any greeting. Thanks to the comment of one of her church friends (in above comment), I am leaving this message.

    That is certainly a nice new (!) photograph of your family that you posted posted. Hmmm, about 1970-1975, I’d guess?

    Friend of your mother’s since third (or was it 2nd) grade.

  3. Love the photo! I have one just like it! What a cool greeting for your mom!

  4. aunt susie says:

    ALWAYS the cool dresser! Don’t you have a jacket just like that now?