Medical Acronyms

We use a lot of abbreviations and acronyms in medicine, but the other day I was introduced to one I hadn’t heard before.

While discussing the care of a severely ill very elderly patient, a colleague said:



“MFB, CFD” he again said. The blank look on my face must have transmitted my incoherence, so he elaborated:

“Measure For Box, Call For Dirt”.

Just another medical acronym for my vocabulary.


  1. PBAB= pine box at bedside
    PBAB/KLO = pine box at bedside, keep lid open
    PPPPPT=piss poor protoplasm poorly put together


  1. RTT with BBB

    I see a fair amount of people who present as RTT with BBB. Rata-Tat-Tat with a Baseball Bat. It seems there are still some criminals who prefer ‘old school’ bludgeoning to them modern day guns. It’s my theory that they