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Judge Gary Watkins dies at 57 in Odessa

By Jennifer Edwards
Odessa American

A distinguished and beloved lawmaker turned judge has died after nearly a month of treatments at Houston?s MD Anderson Cancer Center.
Judge Gary Lynn Watkins died Sunday in Odessa at age 57.
Watkins distinguished himself in many areas of public service including six years as a state representative.
He was also a county judge from 1977-1982. Most recently, he sat as the 244th district judge.

Gary Watkins’ run for State Senate was my adolescent introduction to politics, and I donated several dozen hours to sign making and installing, etc. I remember him as a genuinely decent man who didn’t really want to be a state Senator, but felt it was his duty to serve, quite a remarkable approach to elected office.

I haven’t had any contact with him since the campaign, and was saddened to hear about his loss. He was a good man, and the world needs all of those it can get.

Racial Profiling Anecdotal Evidence #1,540,906

My wife recently travelled by air to and from DFW/LAX, and was selected for secondary screening on the way back. She and the other woman selected were demographically very very similar: early middle aged (sorry Honey) white females, one travelling with kids, and one alone.

She suspected the contents of her suitcase, mostly odds and ends being returned from my old car trunk (son in CA has old car) would raise eyebrows: 3 pairs of camo pants; a graduation cap and gown; and 3 sets of unmentionables. She was surprised they didn’t have much effect, and commented as much to the screener, who said something like “you wouldn’t believe what I’ve seen packed, and this doesn’t even register”.

So, there you go, racial profiling is happening in US airports. White women are now warned.

I get complaints

A couple of months ago I had a patient complaint. More specifically, I had a complaint from the mother of a 14 y/o who was my patient, who had fallen off his board and sustained an eyebrow lac and a brief loss of consciousness, but was completely awake and alert.

I remember this interaction well: the ED was a zoo, it was when we were still shorthanded on docs, so things were moving more slowly than normal. Mom was beside herself with anxious self-importance, coming to the nurses’ desk about every 3 minutes to ask ‘when something will be done for my son’. This is normal once, and maybe twice, but she did this about 6 times, each time assurred that things were happening (they were), etc. It should be noted that this teen, dressed in the adolescent rebellion uniform, was entirely calm and cooperative, and several times asked mom to please just sit down and let us work.

I sutured his lac, and his head CT was normal, and after being in the ED for a whopping 2.5 hours, they went home.

Two weeks later a complaint letter was forwarded to me for my comments. Mom had written that the wait her son had endured was plainly excessive, and that we “…should compensate him for his time, maybe by buying him a new skateboard”. Now, I work in a very ‘customer friendly’ place, but his was the most amazing complaint/request any of us had ever seen, and the review comments were uniformly ‘huh?’.

We sent him a get-well card.

Herpes Risk from Ancient Form of Circumcision

Yahoo! News – Herpes Risk from Ancient Form of Circumcision

This is NOT a complication of regular circumcision. I’d describe the variant of the procedure, but, it is so out of my experience I cannot even fathom why it came to be. I mean, WTF? Whatever made this seem like a good idea?

Note to anti-circumcision trolls: I will ruthlessly delete or negatively alter your screeds about how awful regluar circumcision is, etc. I fully support circumcision done under normal hygenic circumstances. If you desire to grind your axe, do so elsewhere.

Thunderbirds review

Spurred by Alwin’s review, here’s my review of the Thunderbirds movie.

My daughter and I were the only ones in the theater, which may well say more about the movie than anything I write here.

Inexplicably, Bill Paxton continues to have an acting career, being the title star in this movie. Please don’t misunderstand, I like him, but it baffles me that he’s a star actor. He’s the US version of Michael Caine; he’s the same in every role, every movie. I like him, and I’d like to have a beer with him, but I don’t get it.

I agree with Alwin that there was a heck of a lot of acting namepower in the movie, in my opinion largely wasted. This is not the Thunderbirds I remember, this is the Thunderbirds legacy and gadgets hijacked into Spy Kids in Space. Jeff Tracy would never have stood by watching an adolescent fight evil (even Ben Kingsley evil, which is evil with style).

Don’t get me wrong, it’s enjoyable, but don’t expect the Thunderbirds of old. The graphics are excellent, and it’s an enjoyable diversion. Expect sequels, as the arch-nemesis wasn’t destroyed, merely incarcerated.

Terror on the Web

is the title of an interesting piece form The New Yorker.

It’s a long, detailed account of Islamic terrorism (mostly focused on recent events in Spain). It’s very interesting, and has a lot of details that I didn’t know. It’s not bedtime reading.

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Statue of Liberty Reopens

Statue Of Liberty National Monument (National Park Service)

It’s about time. Welcome back!

Dinner with Mr. Gates

Jeff Maurone: Metanoya: More on My Dinner with #1 on the Forbes

Young intern with Microsoft gets to have a group dinner with Bill Gates, in his home. I enjoyed the description of the home, which sounds like what my next home will look like (ha).

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