Racial Profiling Anecdotal Evidence #1,540,906

My wife recently travelled by air to and from DFW/LAX, and was selected for secondary screening on the way back. She and the other woman selected were demographically very very similar: early middle aged (sorry Honey) white females, one travelling with kids, and one alone.

She suspected the contents of her suitcase, mostly odds and ends being returned from my old car trunk (son in CA has old car) would raise eyebrows: 3 pairs of camo pants; a graduation cap and gown; and 3 sets of unmentionables. She was surprised they didn’t have much effect, and commented as much to the screener, who said something like “you wouldn’t believe what I’ve seen packed, and this doesn’t even register”.

So, there you go, racial profiling is happening in US airports. White women are now warned.


  1. We always get the second security treatment at the airport. I don’t think most of the TSA people would know a bomb even it was one of those batman props labeled ?BOMB.?

  2. White, mid-30’s, female … and I get screened every damn time. Pisses me off to no end.

    I can barely open pickle jars and there worried about me taking over a flight?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I got searched because the guard didn’t think I looked so much like my driver’s license ID! He looked at it and then looked at me and said “This is not you!” I was pulled out of line and screened…I didn’t know dropping 30 lbs. and a new “do” would cause so much trouble…I’m mid 50s and female so I guess we can all expect to get screened….