What does it look like…

when a family of 6 who’s been exposed to rabies shows up in the ED? It looks like this:
rabid nurses

The nurses wound up assigning one nurse to this project for about an hour, calculating how much immunoglobulin for each (it’s body-mass based), filling out paperwork, etc. (Yes, there are only 4 charts in the picture, and there’s more than one nurse, but they were all working hard on the project when I walked by).

We’ve had enough rabies scares that I’ve been asked to talk about it at the next big nursing CME class, so that’ll give me even more to blather on about.


  1. So when I’m done being a resident, will my nurses calculate the rabies dose and actually give the injection for me? (They make me give the site injection now, always more painful than the IM half)

  2. It depends on where you work. We have fabulous nurses who take pride in taking care of their patients.

  3. Why all the scares? Is it bats, raccoons, or unvaccinated pets?

  4. Well, it’s unvaccinated pets, and in one really weird event, a sheep at a petting zoo with rabies. Yippee.

  5. Yikes. Sounds like Satan’s petting zoo. :)

  6. Wow! What a group of dedicated nurses. Especially the one on the right. She’s my daughter.