Wow. #1 on Google

So, you type in “doctor blog” into the search engine: Google Search: doctor blog
And who’s number one? Yr. Hmbl. Svnt.

And many thanks to the five of you for reading!


I decided I’d get a screenshot so that when it changes in an hour at least I won’t be called delusional.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I always enjoy reading your blog – keep it up, it makes us plain folks feel we have a connection to the ED

  2. Nobody’s plain. Thanks for reading!

  3. John Fembup says:

    OK, that’s three of us five . . .

  4. Count Mr. and Mrs. Fred in the list of your avid fans!

  5. I must be the fifth reader.

    I checked ‘doctor blog’ [no quotes] on Google. 411 hits. That’s an impressive number if each blog is unique.

    But, alas, Gruntdoc is now #3.

  6. Correction to previous comment:

    On Google:

    “doctor blog” (WITH quotes), 411 hits, Gruntdoc is #3.

    doctor blog (NO quotes) 2,180,000 hits, Gruntdoc is #1.

  7. Your count must be a little off! Looks like there are MORE than 5 of us!! Congrats!

  8. Number 7 here, but I’m telling you I resent it. I have been in an out of here for months now, and I’m confident I’m at least #3

    Keep up the good work. I would love to read what your opinions/experiences are on end of life issues and what you would suggest to those going through them.