Archives for September 7, 2004

MT Upgrade

Valued reader,

I have upgraded MovableType to the 3.11 version, today. I have already found two things that are ‘busted’, the TypeKey registration for comments (optional, for now) and the comment background. I’ll be tinkering with that in the near future.

If you find other broken things, PLEASE let me know.

And thanks for coming.

Update: TypeKey problem fixed (reading the directions helps). Now to teach myself CSS and troubleshoot new templates…

Update2: I (think) I’ve fixed the comment appearance. It still does one weird thing, but I can live with it. I hope you can, too.

Stonehenge in Odessa

UTPB, where I got a couple of degrees in the wandering, decisionless years, has recently added a replica of Stonehenge. It’s the same footprint size, but not quite as tall (19 feet tall, as opposed to 21 feet for the original). An Odessa American article on the subject gives more background.

It’s interesting, but not quite the same:

and the original:
original blocks

I think a big part of the power of the original monument is that it’s all alone in the plain, adding to its vertical scale. I like UTPB’s too, and when they get grass growing around it it’ll be very nice. Not the same, but a respectful homage to a real wonder of the world.