Archives for September 8, 2004

My Folks get an exam

I was able to visit my folks on the trip that made me rich. It was nice to get back home, if only for a few hours.

Mom & Dad were very amused by their recent visit from a nurse who needed to do a ‘qualifying exam’ (or something like that) for their long term care insurance. They had a great time, and found it very entertaining.

The parts they liked relating most were “spell the word ‘World’ backwards”: mom had no trouble, and dad said, truthfully, “I can’t spell half the words I use daily forward”, and proceeded (while the nurse was doing Mom’s test) to win 7 of 8 games of Freecell, vindicating his thinking ability. (I wonder if they have a blank for that on her form, dad)?

Mom very much enjoyed being asked to “fold this piece of paper in half”, to which she asked ‘which way?’

“Any way”

(Folded paper presented). She couldn’t believe this.

The nurse told them they were way beyond what she was used to seeing in their age groups mentally, and I’d agree with her assessment. I assume they passed.

Here’s hoping it’s genetic!