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Roger L. Simons’ Health Care Thread

Roger L. Simon: Health Care Thread
Mr. Simon (a for-real author in addition to blogger) has started a thread about health care, with its attendant problems of cost, access, and not just a little about whether medical care is a “basic right” like freedom of speech. As of this posting, the commenters seems to be on a roll, with civilised and reasonable debate. I haven’t seen any answers that are new yet, but that’s not the point.

It makes for good reading to see what a group of intelligent non-medical people think on the issue.

thanks to reader Jim for the tip

Condom Mishaps Spell Trouble for Men

A Fisking. Or, a commentary, depends upon your viewpoint. You have been warned.

Yahoo! News – Condom Mishaps Spell Trouble for Men

Silly title. Whenever do men use condoms as a solo act?

FRIDAY, Sept. 17 (HealthDayNews) — A new study of people who visited a Colorado sexually transmitted disease clinic found that about half of those who regularly used condoms reported mishaps ranging from breakage to slippage.

The condom problems spelled trouble, at least for men. The risk of gonorrhea and chlamydia grew by several times among the heterosexual men who reported condom “errors.” For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, condom problems didn’t translate into higher risks for heterosexual women or gay men.

Think about that one for a second, while reading on.
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