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Vioxx Pulled has the best summary I’ve seen about Merck killing their golden goose. Read his post for the why, and the backstory on current drug marketing.

Merck stock fell 27% and they lost $25 BILLION of their worth, and that’s before they see their first suit. Ohh, and there will be suits.

Free exams might not be free – Fake gynecologist accused of offering free exams

DALLAS – Authorities on Wednesday were looking for women who may have been taken advantage of by a man accused of posing as a doctor and offering free gynecological services.

OK, right there I have a problem. Free GYN services? GYN’s aren’t in medicine to give their services away. This was an attempt to take advantage of the something for nothing crowd. It worked.
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Great Surgical Post

A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure

More Tales From the Operating Room…..
Teenaged male presents with three day h/o severe abdominal pain. Crampy in nature and it awoke him from sleep. Positive for nausea and vomiting. No BM since onset of pain. Admitted to the hospital by his pediatrician. WBC at that time was 12 with 90 neutrophils, no segs…

For the unexpected conclusion, and for photos, click on through.

Great case. Fun to have a blogging general surgeon.

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