Comment Problems: updated

Update. Again, it helps if you read the instructions. I installed the wrong version of the blacklist software, so it didn’t work and play well. Now that I’ve done what I was supposed to, it works, so the TypeKey restriction is off.

Original rant:

Well. I upgraded to MT 3.1 so that the pretty good MT Blacklist comment spam whacker would be an integral part of the program, so I wouldn’t have to do daily updates. So, I upgraded, it’s there, and it doesn’t work. Comment spammers have been hammering me.

For that reasoon, I’ve had to turn on the “TypeKey” registration for comments, and no longer (for now) take anonymous comments. Now, when you want to comment, you’ll first have to sign up for a free typekey account, then it works.

This is temporary. I have asked to be “rolled back” to the old build of MT so I can keep updating the blacklist myself (a hassel, but it worked). Otherwise, I’ll be changing to a different program (the site will still be here).

I’d be interested in hearing from WordPress and EE folks how their programs handle comment spam.

As always, just email me if the comment thing is unworkable for you.


  1. Just testing to see how different this turns out!

  2. Just do what I do: Block off Eastern Europe and Isreal IP blocks. That’s where most of that crap comes from…