Free exams might not be free – Fake gynecologist accused of offering free exams

DALLAS – Authorities on Wednesday were looking for women who may have been taken advantage of by a man accused of posing as a doctor and offering free gynecological services.

OK, right there I have a problem. Free GYN services? GYN’s aren’t in medicine to give their services away. This was an attempt to take advantage of the something for nothing crowd. It worked.

Thomas Patrick Remo, 50, of Ovilla, was jailed without bond on three counts of practicing medicine without a license.

Remo worked in Cedar Hill and used the names Dr. Jim Patrick and Dr. Brian Jones, Assistant Dallas County District Attorney Bridget Eyler said.

He was arrested after authorities saw an ad offering free medical care in an alternative weekly newspaper.

Thank goodness, someone is looking out for those free docs! They wer putting such a dent in the fee-for-service docs.

Eyler called the number and set up an undercover sting with an investigator posing as a patient and using a button camera to film the events. She said officials aren’t sure how many women Remo saw and if any of them were injured.

Eyler said the office, which was in a self-storage business, looked like a real medical office. Investigators said there were numerous pieces of medical equipment. Remo wore white pants and white medical scrub shirt. He had a stethoscope around his neck.

WHAT? His office was IN A SELF STORAGE BUSINESS!?!?! Lots of docs set up in self-storage businesses, right. Also, the white outfit (GYN’s don’t work in the cleanest of environments (ahem)), and the stethoscope were giveaways (as most of their business is conducted below the diaphragm, I lump them in with radiologists, psychiatrists and the like who have stethoscopes to remind them of med school, not for actual use).

The investigator who posed as a patient quizzed Remo about his education, which he said he obtained in Arizona.

Practicing medicine without a license is a third-degree felony punishable by two to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

A big reason for this publicity is to get any of is ‘patients’ to come forward, so they can go from piddling ‘practicing medicine without a license’ to sexual assault, which is a crime with some real teeth, penalty-wise.

Don’t misunderstand, I’d be fine with it if they closed this pervert in his storage unit and threw away the key (paying the rent so they wouldn’t auction him off in 6 months), but what kind of idiot really thinks there are “free GYN exams”? In storage units? Hello?


  1. This was on the local news in Ohio this morning. If you look here they also mention that his ad included “fantasy gynecological exams for couples” and that it was in the “adult entertainment” section of the newspaper. This pervert probably couldn’t believe his luck when a bunch of naive women showed up thinking he was legit.