I’d vote for Zell today

This isn’t a political blog. Others do it better, and I’m not interested.

However, when reading about Sen. Zell Miller’s speech at the RNC tonight, I figured I’d give it a look. Wow. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the link.

Last week there was a little ‘trial balloon’ floated about dumping Cheney for McCain, which would have an upside, I’ll admit. However, I think they picked the wrong guy, tonight Zell Miller would be a better choice, and I don’t give a crap what party he’s affiliated with.


  1. I heard it on NPR and thought, “This is something Allen would like.”

  2. I loved listening to Miller and I fear this is the last of the true “Suthrun” politicians and that make me sad. The unabashed Southern, Midwestern and Western politicians with their proud accents have pretty much been taken over by the ?toastmastered? lawyers and I think we will be the poorer for that.

    Roger Simon’s said on his blog that:

    “I think a lot of the negative reaction (to Miller’s speech) comes from the general lack of (or fear of) honesty in polite society. You’re not supposed to say what you think. You’re supposed to mask it.”

    And I believe that’s about right. Zell didn’t care if his words stung, he meant them to and I think he was incredibly effective.

    I personally thought Cheney’s speech was also effective, he delivered it like a CEO presenting the yearly report at the annual stockholders meeting. He was only concerned with the content and not style and that made it all the more real to me.

    Some people find his low-key monotones creepy, but, personally, I like it, I guess I attend too many of the stockholder meetings at Texas Instruments.

    I think the retention of Cheney on the ballot is inspired.

    It kind of reminds me of Michael Caine and Robert Duvall in ?Second Hand Lions? Michael plays the nice guy all the while there?s this nutty uncle in pajamas, giving you the gimlet eye and you just know he?s going to pull a baseball bat on you if you don?t go along with Michael. All of a sudden Michael?s sounding real reasonable!

  3. Jim,
    Glad you’re still here, hadn’t heard from you in a while.

    I’m not in favor of ditching Cheney, I was just very impressed with the emotion and the speech of Sen. Miller. I still am.

  4. Well, since I praised you a while back for only posting when you had something interesting to say and not just to say something everyday, I figured goose=gander.

    I still check you blog pretty much every day and still like your style. I try to refrain from commenting on things that I don?t much about (Ed. ?That?s a losing battle?) and unless it?s military related prophylactic ?care and feeding? of the troops, most things medical fall in that category. Don?t get me wrong, I enjoy reading about it – well, most of it.

    I really enjoyed Zell?s speech, he?s seriously p***ed, and wants people to know about it. I didn?t know he was a former USMC NCO, but I could see it in his speech and feel it in my soul.

    I guess NCOs (really good ones, and I believe I was one) are really born for that role in life. The best NCOs I have ever known are the one who calls it like they see it. A pig in a dress might be a pretty pig, but its still a pig and sometimes you got to tell the Colonel that his ?baby? really is ugly.

    A friend once referred to a senior NCO he admired as being ?an inch deep and a mile wide? meaning you got what you saw, there were no hidden ?nuanced? depths there! I think that?s what we heard from Zell Miller Wednesday night.

    As always, keep up the good work

  5. Tom Howard says:

    I am being introduced to this web site by my wife, an E.R. nurse who knows GruntDoc. I agree that an honest, unvarnished, but blunt, politico like Senator Zell Miller is refreshing. I will follow you all with interest, which is more than I can say for my enthusiasm for the presidential race.