Today was power outage day.

My entire corner of town had an interesting little penomenon: intermittent power outage. Repeatedly.

Starting early in the morning, we’d have 5-15 minutes of electrical power, followed by 20-40 minutes of no power. Then back on. Rinse, repeat.

In my home, with all the computer gear necessary to control the worlds’ satellites keep me entertained, the screeing of uninterrupted power supplies (UPS’s) was enough to wake me from the dead, every time the power went out. They’d just bleat their little sirens out and die of power loss just in time for the power to come back on and recharge them. Then, guess what? Whammo, power’s out and the scree soundtrack resumes. Not a good way to sleep.

I’m trying to sleep because working an evening shift. Evening shift means (ideally) being rested when I go to work. Not today. I went to work, but with the soothing sounds of screeing UPS’s in my ears.

Thanks, TXU. I should bill you for my time.


  1. Cousin Jamie has suffered power outages as result of multiple hurrican aftermaths in GA. Taking a COLD shower (elec. home) in the DARK (an interior bathroom) ranks right up there!
    He put himself on the news – floating in kayak level with STOP and Road signs. Catahoochie River 22 feet higher that usual.
    TX hasn’t had RAINS – and aren’t you very close to power station? Must be great engineering.