Yesterday at Kims’

Yesterday I made a pilgrimage and met Kim and “the Mrs.” DuToit, as they graciously had an open house. I wasn’t able to stay long, and mainly just wanted to meet Kim. I read his blog regularly, and find it very entertaining, if profane. I’m not against profanity, (I was a sailor), and the selected application of profanity can make things happen very quickly, but his style and mine are decidedly different.

Anyway, everyone there was having fun when I took my leave, and in one of those “small world” moments I met a stranger with a high & tight haircut, and discovered we were on the same boat with the 31st MEU, at the same time, and went to Iwo Jima together! It was very surprising to drive an hour and a half to bump into a stranger with which you have a lot in common, and I enjoyed chatting with him.

I didn’t go to the shooting expedition he hosted today, and look forward to reading about the range time.

Kim and Connie, thanks for having us all over.

And, here’s a pic to prove I was there:
GruntDoc & Kim DuToit


  1. Jeepers. That is one fat (fellow. ed.). Was he nice? Did he have his guns out? Anybody get shot?

  2. No guns out. Nobody shot.

  3. You were there, too?!?!
    I would have been there had I not been stuck in Houston on call. I think I just missed out on the blogger gathering of the year!

    Glad to hear you had a good time with Kim and Connie. They are certainly wonderful people.

  4. Grunt,

    It was our pleasure to have you over, and our loss that Doc Russia had to look after women having heart attacks instead of drinking our liquor cabinet down.

    By the way, do you have other rude commenters like this Tim twerp?

    Hope not.

  5. Kim, they’re usually much better behaved. Really.

    What other bloggers were there? I’m sorry I was kinda a wallfower and didn’t meet a lot of people.

  6. Damn! They live near Dallas or Ft. Worth?? Man, I didn’t know that!

    I like his stuff, but hey, what red-blooded retired E-9 wouldn’t?

  7. Shawn McManus says:


    It was good meeting you. My wife was not at all surprised though… It seems I can’t toss a dead cat without hitting someone that I’d once served with somewhere.

    Semper Fi,
    Shawn McManus

  8. Hey, he called me fat!