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LA jury clears Allergan, doctor in Botox case

I love that the best source I found for this story is the “Hindustan Times”: LA jury clears Allergan, doctor in Botox case :

A Los Angeles jury on Friday cleared a celebrity dermatologist and Botox-maker Allergan of claims that they poisoned the wife of former Hollywood movie studio head Mike Medavoy with injections of the wrinkle cure to cure headaches.

The trial judge also dismissed a separate claim of false advertising against the pharmaceutical company and Dr. Arnold Klein, the self-described master of “the perfect lip.”

In a six-week trial, Irena Medavoy claimed she suffered a four-month illness after Klein, her long time dermatologist and a consultant paid by Allergan, gave her a large dose of the wrinkle eraser to treat her migraine headaches.

A six week trial? No wonder the jury told them to get stuffed. I know lawyers (like doctors) enjoy hearing themselves speak, and showing off just how clever they are, but six weeks?

As for botox, it’s not an ER drug, and since vanity pays (and pays in cash), dermatologists have apparently embraced it. (The perfect derm drug: expensive, works, makes people happy, treatments only last a few months, so they’ll come back for more).

Six weeks, geez. I have been on one jury and it took us 3 days to find a fellow guilty and put him in prison for 65 years.

More evidence tort-reform works

From A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure, a mention of a Wall Street Journal article on the effect of tort-reform:

Paula Sweeney, a Dallas trial lawyer who has been handling medical-malpractice cases for 23 years, says the caps have already slashed her business. Since the beginning of the year, she’s filed only one case. In a normal year, she would have filed 12 to 15 by now. “The economic feasibility has changed,” she says. She says she believes the new restrictions will eliminate about 85% of medical-malpractice cases in the state.

So, as I read this, tort reform works. Your mileage may vary, but it looks good from where I sit, and from where I work.

Just the Nurse

An homage to Nurses, from a Nurse (practitioner):

Just the nurse.

An oft used term mimicked, pronounced with derision and scorn, mockingly sounded by patients, doctors, allied staff and nurses themselves. Just the nurse. I hear it echoing in hallways, elevators, offices, and hospital cafeterias. Just the nurse. But I also hear it in other situations and know that nurses repeat it to themselves many times in the course of their career.

Will you adjust my pillow the patient asks? Sure, the nurse responds as he adjusts the pillow, because I am just the nurse…

Azygous is on a roll here. Just let the art flow over you.

Drug Reimportation

Given the interest in drug reimportation, I wonder:

would re-imported vioxx be safer?

Just wondering. Hehe.