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Great Moments in Plaintiff Attorney Advertising

One you have to see to believe…

Overlawyered: Willie Gary marketing tactics
There is, perhaps, a niche of personal injury clients for whom an ostentatious display of personal wealth and a video with the theme from “Rocky” and a Michael Buffer impersonator narrator will be especially persuasive. If so, attorney Willie Gary (Jan. 7, Dec. 23) has that market sewn up (streaming Windows Media)…

I wonder: if a neurosurgeon did this, would you be more or less likely to choose him?

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Dell Service: Outstanding

Oct. 12th I wrote about Dell recalling some laptop power supplies. I actually filled out the form late Sunday night/Monday AM, and I got it in the mail today. Two and a half days, which is just amazing.

They included a return address label to ship the old one back (going to use them as room heaters?), and it had my name and address pre-filled in the return addy block. Very slick.

Anyway, an unsolicited endorsement of Dell.

SecNavs’ Navy Birthday Address

Happy Birthday, Shipmates!

From the Honorable Gordon R. England
Secretary of the Navy
On the occasion of the 229th Birthday

Birthdays are traditionally milestones in time that call for both reflection on achievements past and thoughts on changes ahead. The Navy’s birthday is no different.

On the occasion of this 229th milestone, we can all take enormous pride in a naval history rich in tradition and unparalleled in success. Today, the United States Navy stands alone, unmatched in the world.

John Paul Jones set the tone of our service when he stated, “I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm’s way.” For more than two centuries, this legacy has endured, along with our core values of honor, courage, and commitment. Brave Sailors and Marines have repeatedly fought to guarantee the security and prosperity of our great Nation and to defend freedom and democracy around the globe.

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