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Medical Draft II

Talk about timely, here comes another statement:


Texas “Party of Medicine” Candidates

The Party of MedicineIf you live and vote in Texas, this is for you. I don’t blog about politics very much, as others do it better and I’m just not that interested. I do follow politics, have my views, and don’t think anybody gives a hoot, so I keep them to myself.

However, this doesn’t mean I’m apolitical, especially where my profession in concerned. The photo is a thumbnail from (here’s the original .pdf file), the lobbying arm of the Texas Medical Association, and this is their slate of endorsed candidates. They call it the “Party of Medicine”, and as you can see this list features democrats and republicans both.

I don’t know a single one of the people on this list, but given the TMA’s track record for separating friend from foe in politics, these candidates are the ones most friendly to medicine.

Me, I’m going to print it out when I go to vote, as there’s no way I’ll remember all the endorsed names. It might work for you, too. Just an idea.