Archives for October 22, 2004

Outsource your Medical Care

Another interesting turn in the ‘get it somewhere less expensive’ department:

MSNBC – India draws ‘medical tourists’
…Last year, an estimated 150,000 foreigners visited India for medical procedures, and the number is increasing at the rate of about 15 percent a year, according to Zakariah Ahmed, a health care specialist at the Confederation of Indian Industries.

Eager to cash in on the trend, posh private hospitals are beginning to offer services tailored for foreign patients, such as airport pickups, Internet-equipped private rooms and package deals that combine, for example, tummy-tuck surgery with several nights in a maharajah’s palace. Some hospitals are pushing treatment regimens that augment standard medicine with yoga and other forms of traditional Indian healing.

The article is about an individual who, when faced with a $200K bill for a heart valve replacement went to India to have the procedure for $10K, including airfare. Hard to argure with that.

My first thought was that ‘my job’s safe, good luck outsourcing your emergency care’. Then I realized, with enough of this, my hospital would close, and wouldn’t need an ER.

I wonder what kind of medmal they face in India. Heh.