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Welcome to Grand Rounds Five! We have some fascinating stories and news commentary this week.

And, she has the best presentation style so far, and by a long shot! Thanks, Geena!

And Tomorrow is Friday

Doctors are people too. Sure, we don’t really seem human, but we are.

Here’s a terrific article by one who can express himself, as he faces cancer:Medical Economics – And tomorrow is Friday

For 23 years, using the office bathroom was just part of my daily routine, like drinking coffee on the way to the office, opening the door, and turning on the computer. But on Saturday, my urine was bloody: painless blood. And as a physician I know that means the almost certain diagnosis of a cancer. First I tried some magical thinking: drank some water, tried again: still blood. Then I went to the other bathroom, drank more water. Still blood. A clear realization came over me: Today is the first day of the end of my life.

Read the whole thing.

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