Archives for October 27, 2004

Advertising and My Blog

I have been approached by a site, which “specializes in services to physicians”, and from a peek at their site seems to be at least legit, though I have no way to know one way or another if their services are actually worthwhile.

And, my first inclination is to just formalize what my current policy has been: no advertising here. Yes, I do link to two commercial sites in the sidebar, but they’re sites I like (or at least don’t dislike), and I get no money from them.

The actual cost of running this blog every month is less than $20, so it’s not a huge financial burden, therefore, money isn’t really necessary. So, I don’t need the money.

I find the BlogAds (a different proposition, to be sure) to be distracting when reading others’ sites, and thank Firefox for giving me the ability to blot them out entirely. I want to read what there is to read, not an ad. (For the record, I still go back to those sites, and have clicked through a blog-ad or two, though I haven’t bought anything that way).

Now, I’m a “medical blogger” though I blog less about medicine than most others in the subgenre, and it’s a medically related ad, but…but. I feel like I’d be selling out.

I’d be interested to know what you readers think about sidebar ads in general, and on this blog in particular. I’d also like to hear from someone who has sidebar ads, to know how they feel about it.