A Primer on Sports Doping

Commentary: Waiting for the day when ‘I’ve never tested positive’ may mean something

The key to understanding all of this is knowing the key doping substances used, how they work, how they are tested for (if they even can be), and how the testing is inadequate. What follows may appear to be an athlete’s “how to dope” primer, but in fact this information is such common knowledge to sports insiders that there’s little risk that it will corrupt anyone. None of this requires a Ph.D in anything to understand … just a certain amount of thought, an open mind, and a willingness to understand this critical aspect of doping.

A nice, cogent summary about doping aimed at the cycling world, but applies to many other sports. As it’s written by an ER Doc it’s just that much more relevant here.

thanks to Richard[Winters] for the link


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