Americas’ most-ex of Presidents Wrote a Novel

Times Online – Sunday Times

So the great peanut farmer president has, in his eighth decade, turned his formidable energies to fiction. There will be those, in these cruel and cynical times, who will greet the news with a certain weary sigh. Jimmy Carter, for all his distinguished work on behalf of peace and equality, remains something of a joke figure.

Although this review wasn’t very favorable, I’m waiting for the review by PJ O’Rourke, which will no doubt be blistering, and a much better read than the Carter Novel.

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  1. From the little bit I’ve read (too much, actually) I’d say he has a lot more than lust in his heart than we were led to believe initially.

    Now, you’ll forgive me while I go take several baths and scrub myself off with a stiff brush and lysol, ecck!