CDC gives chainsaw advice

For those hurricane victims with internet access, and wondering how they should be safe with a chainsaw:
CDC Hurricanes | Preventing Chain Saw Injuries

Each year, approximately 36,000 people are treated in hospital emergency departments for injuries from using chain saws. The potential risk of injury increases after hurricanes and other natural disasters, when chain saws are widely used to remove fallen or partially fallen trees and tree branches.

It’s all good advice, and I guess the CDC’s as good an agency as any to push this kind of thing. I think the best use would be to print this out and post it in home improvement stores and the like.

I don’t know if the CDC tracks this stuff, but I’m betting there are more injuries caused by the cleanup than by all the hurricanes (in the US).

via the Medbloggers Instapundit, MedPundit


  1. I’m in Alabama and was watching the local news a few weeks ago. They were interviewing a doctor’s wife in Gulf Shores who wasn’t evacuating. Her husband was staying because he had a couple ICU patients that weren’t stable enough to move.

    She mentioned that the aftermath was going to be really busy, because last hurricaine, her husband spend 3 days fixing up people with chainsaw injuries.