Fellow, American College of Emergency Physicians

Today I became a Fellow in the main professional college of my medical specialty, Emergency Medicine, ACEP.

It doesn’t come with more pay, or better parking, or anything like that. It’s just a recognition of the time, the training, and the practice commitment of being an Emergency Physician.


  1. Aerospace Genius says:

    Congratullations on your aceptance into the Colege!

  2. Very cool, Doc! Congratulations!

  3. Well-deserved congrats to Doc Fred from The Pholks!

  4. Weigh to go, nefew!

  5. Congratulation!

  6. Congratulations, doc!
    Excellent news.

  7. Congratulations! Welcome to the club.

  8. Allow me to add my felicitations. And then, stricken by the political bug that’s going around, to note that you are now officially a “money grabber,” according to this Administration. (See USA Today, yesterday: http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/health/2004-10-19-flu-effect-ers_x.htm.)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Congrats; I bet you are a really good Dr…. BTW, you have the best medical blog on the web. You bring just enough of your personal self here that it is easy to relate to you as a person and not just a physician.

  10. Wow. Thanks!