Great Moments in Plaintiff Attorney Advertising

One you have to see to believe…

Overlawyered: Willie Gary marketing tactics
There is, perhaps, a niche of personal injury clients for whom an ostentatious display of personal wealth and a video with the theme from “Rocky” and a Michael Buffer impersonator narrator will be especially persuasive. If so, attorney Willie Gary (Jan. 7, Dec. 23) has that market sewn up (streaming Windows Media)…

I wonder: if a neurosurgeon did this, would you be more or less likely to choose him?

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  1. Just a fair day’s pay for looking out for the little people.

  2. You need to read “The King of Torts” and you’ll better understand.

    John Grissom knows his lawyers.

  3. little mouse says:

    That’s a tough call. I had a flashy lawyer who did well for me– very aggressive, a “brick house” against my ex husband. Seven years later my ex ran me back to court and he had a weak case. I didn’t want to be charged to the gills as my powerful lawyer had done so I chose someone who was not full of ostentation and the guy had no drive. He handed me on a platter to my ex as he lied to me about how long I had to appeal, what could be submitted, etc. Whereas Flash and Action dressed very GQ for court, Mr. Casual was kinda scruffy. Flash and Action wrapped up court in three months but Casual strung something out for almost three years!

    I don’t know if I could stand Mr. Gary’s (what appears to be an) overdeveloped id or even tolerate him, but the man appears to win cases.

    I had a dermatologist who had pictures all over his office of himself at his lodge with movie stars. He had an ego and liked to have it stroked. My face would clear up within hours of his treatments. I moved to the next town. My new dematologist had simple designs in her office and it took days or weeks to have my condition clear. I’m back stroking the ego of Dr. Flash– what’s wrong with complimenting him on his latest photgraph of him with some rising star?

    Choose friends who are like you, but for attorneys and doctors, find an ego with fast results– you don’t have to like them!

  4. I met Willie Gary at the victory party for the $500 million funeral home judgement. I was working for Mr. O’Keefe’s funeral insurance business, so I got an invite. Fanciest party I’ve ever been to. Willie performed live with the band, and was actually quite good.

    Probably not as good as he performed for that jury, though. Even the people I worked with at the time were stunned at the judgement.