Just the Nurse

An homage to Nurses, from a Nurse (practitioner): spankysplace.blog-city.com

Just the nurse.

An oft used term mimicked, pronounced with derision and scorn, mockingly sounded by patients, doctors, allied staff and nurses themselves. Just the nurse. I hear it echoing in hallways, elevators, offices, and hospital cafeterias. Just the nurse. But I also hear it in other situations and know that nurses repeat it to themselves many times in the course of their career.

Will you adjust my pillow the patient asks? Sure, the nurse responds as he adjusts the pillow, because I am just the nurse…

Azygous is on a roll here. Just let the art flow over you.


  1. Oh, my! This ABSOLUTELY should be required reading for all prospective nurses. I am NOT a medical person, and it almost broke my heart.

  2. Thanks Doc. I guess you understood what I was saying. Another ?MD? completely missed the point of the message however.

  3. Proving that art is completely lost on some people.

  4. Just an(other) MD says:


    You can be proud of your friend. He keeps a comments section only to read approvals and “Hail to Azygos”. Maybe you should teach him a little more about blogging, like the fact that you don’t delete other people’s comments, just because you don’t agree with them.

    I would find boring to discuss everything only with my “gang”. But, maybe I am used to normal bloggers, those who don’t use their blog just to brag about how fantastic they are. Tell him to grow up, please! Thank you.

  5. You, Sir, are a twit.

    I read the (many, many) comments your put on Azygous’ Just a Nurse post, and he had a lot more forebearance than I have: after the second, I’d have deleted them and banned you.

    You don’t get it. You never will.

    As to what a comments section is, I’ve read some that look like kindergarten food fights, and they’re not illuminating or edifying, they’re just the rants and raves of people who don’t get it.

    My own theory about comments is that if I wouldn’t let someone say it to my face, I won’t let them say it in my comments. This is my site, paid for by me, and I have no public duty to advance the tired screeds of marginal commenters.

    So get over it. You were wrong then, you were wrong to whine about it to me. Get your own blog and whine about it without involving any of us.

  6. Just an(other) MD says:

    I guess, Sir, truth hurts.

    You all should post a warning: “Private property. Yes-men only!”

    Have a nice life!

  7. There was no truth to your original postings, just a pointless assertion that proved you didn’t get it. Then there were very many similar posts when all and sundry pointed out your error, and you couldn’t figure out how to say, “oops” and let it go.

    Then, when Azygous mercifully pulled your comments, you came whining here, hoping to stir up a contretemps. And that didn’t work.

    So, now you’re going to take your marbles and go home. OK by me.

  8. Just an(other) MD says:

    It seems now YOU don’t get it. I was not hoping anything. If I were a troll, I would have continued to post there just to annoy him. Since Spanky thinks “I am neither a doctor nor a nurse”, why would I care? If I wanted just to make scandal, why would I post here, in the comments section of a 4 day-old post, and not there?

    I commented on this rather old post of yours, just because you were one the first to jump in his “defense”. If YOU were such a gentleman, and YOU didn’t want to continue the argument, you would have let it go. But, no-no. You had to slander me. Just read your own comments above and compare them to mine. While I post facts, you are calling me names.

    I might not be up-to-date to US nursing education, but I probably have more university-level education than either of you. One of the degrees I earned is MD. Maybe I made wrong assertions; I doubt it. A lot of IMGs confirm that (I won’t discuss the specifics, as it would be too long). Take a look to Europe, for example, and try finding an NP or a PA degree there. While I respect the American system a lot, that doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, and I have to think your way (I am not even convinced that you represent the majority). Primo.

    Secundo, if you don’t want negative comments, disable all the comments. I must feel sorry for both of you if you get so annoyed by being contradicted. If you take a better look, I am not the whiner here, Your knee-jerk reactions show the opposite. A smart person would have just ignored my comments, if they were coming from a troll.

    And, please, don’t lecture me about your private property. I used to moderate forums with much bigger readership than your blog. You want to keep it private? Very well, password-protect it. Or disable the comments. Or moderate them. But Spanky’s deleting somebody’s post, after s/he has taken one hour to write it (and it’s obvious, because it’s a long post, like this one), is SO LOW that I have no words for it.

    NOW, I’ll leave. However, I will not make the false assertion that either of you understands a word of what I was saying. Fine by me.

  9. OK, troll, now you’re banned. Your persistent inability to accept that you didn’t get it, and your excessively troll-like behavior (multiple postings on the same topic, then acting like a spoiled little brat when you don’t get what you want) are diagnostic of your trollishness.

    Now, I understand a decent amount about pathologic behavior (I work in an ED, after all), and it seems to me you comment soley to irritate. That makes you a troll. Because your trollish behavior got you kicked off one set of comments and your whining didn’t start the flame war you wanted, you whine more.

    So, troll, good riddance. I said that several hours ago, and you couldn’t bring yourself to stay away. I will now ban you to get you to stay away, as you cannot take a (series of) hint(s). Feel free to use some of that legendary multi-university-degree and internet prowess and get yourself a great big blog with a great big comments section.

    If your mom will let you.

  10. Jeez! What a maroon!