Medical Draft II

Talk about timely, here comes another statement:



  1. A friend tells me her brother, a Master Sargent. is going to Kuwait. Part of his duties are to train medical personnel in the use of weapons. Most have never shot a gun. Are we sure that there is not a draft of medical workers?

  2. Hehe. Just like people are drafted to drive cars, or be taught any other skill are “drafted”.

    This whole draft idea has taken root in the open minded, liberal people, meaning it’s become their latest conspiratorial hobgoblin. “See! They deny it, therefore it must be true!!!” Soon we’ll be hearing that Halliburton is drafting people.


    Back to the delusion at hand: umm, these people joined of their own free will. They joined the military, which has historically involved firearms. They joined, like many of us, out of a desire to serve their country, in this case as ‘medical people’. Medics, nurses , doctors, etc, have been armed in combat zones for self defense throughout recent history. I know I would be raising a ruckus were I being sent to a combat zone and not being issued a personal weapon for self defense, and being taught to be competent with it.

    So, no, not a draft. Take some aspirin, get a cool drink, and let the fever resolve.