More Flu

An excellent primer on deckplate things to do to prevent, and what to do if you think you have, the flu. I’m linking it as I like this nice bit of perspective:

Political vaccination (
Let me also say that this is a situation where perception becomes reality. People who would otherwise not even seek out a flu shot, balking at the fifteen dollar cost, now are in hysterics trying to get vaccinated, forking over hundreds of dollars, and putting their lives at risk to do so. Because everyone now wants a vaccine that they normally wouldn’t the demand has increased. Since the supply is effectively frozen, the shortage is much more felt. So, the shortage is self-reinforcing.

Me, I’m going to go and wash my hands.


  1. One of the most instructive articles I’ve ever seen concerning the flu and flu shots.

    I’ve been religiously getting the flu shot for over 35 years (for the first 28 years I was in the USAF, so there was no choice) with the understanding ? probably picked up from the military ? that to not have the shot left me as vulnerable as a candy bar at a dieters? convention.

    This year will mark the 2nd year in a row I haven’t had the flu shot and here I’ve been thinking I was playing Russian roulette with my health.

    I also shared the article with my mean, red-headed Yankee nurse wife who has been as determined to avoid getting flu shots as I have been in getting them.

    Her look of smug condescension was almost more than a man could bear.

    Like Allen, I?m going to go wash my hands

  2. I’ve taken the flu shot every year for the last several years, but this year won’t be able to get one. So, I’ll just stock up on chicken soup (no shortage so far), some good books to read, and maby a bottle of good whiskey. I’ll keep my hands washed, stay home as much as possible, and hope for the best.

  3. That seems eminently reasonable to me.