My Side

“…you’re on my side, right?” said the nurse.

As an ED doc, you hear this a lot. Strife and minor skirmishing are just part of the life of the ED (especially the ED Nurse, the un-empowered overachiever and hero-ine (and I love every single one of you, even if I haven’t met you)).

I had about a second to process the question. (The second year of med scool is terrific, in that it has given me the near-Tivo ability to hear and retrieve the last 10-15 seconds of background info and replay it for important “Yes, dear” moments. This was not a yes, dear moment, and there wasn’t any conversation in there for me to go with, one way or another).

The rest of the second year is why I’m losing my hair, many years later.

“Well, (valued nurse colleague), if I’m gonna ride your ass, it’s only fair I’m behind it”. Then I realized what I’d said. Sailor talk came after the second year, and I’m still fighting it.

“He he, I knew you were!” Oh, thank heavens, no unpleasant talks with the Powers That Be. I love you Powers, too, but those talks are Less Fun.

If you’re an ED nurse, I’m on your side. Especially if I give you a hard time.